professional ballet platter tutu

Professional Ballet Platter Tutu belongs to the basic ballet performance tutu, with "Rose" decoration as an embellishment. It contains: Hidden back buckle, back buckle and body color blend one, more unified and professional.

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Product Description

                      Professional Ballet Platter Tutu


Introduction of Professional Ballet Platter Tutu


Tutu's overall color adopts "Fuchsia" design, matching the style of "Symmetrical Roulette". 

The decoration of the body and skirt refer to the appearance and color of the "Symmetrical Roulette", adding some imagination to make the current effect. 





Advantages of Professional Ballet Platter Tutu


1. All decorations are manually cut and arranged, each piece is unique;


2. The full skirt is adjusted according to Tutu size to ensure the unity of fullness and weight;


3. The back is made of buckle design, which can be adjusted according to your budget.



Parameters of Professional Ballet Platter Tutu


Color: Fuchsia,custom

Size: Children (110-150); Adults (155-175); Support tailor-made

Delivery time: 20-25 working days

Shipping method: EMS/China Post SAL (recommended); [SEA (long time); AIR (expensive)]

Customization of Professional Ballet Platter Tutu


1. Support OEM/ODM customization, you can provide any style pictures and design drawings you want, we can produce them for you!

2. Support the customization of each Tutu size, you can provide what you need: Chest, Waist, Hip, Girth. We will make your exclusive Tutu!

After-sales service of Professional Ballet Platter Tutu


When the product is completed, we will take a picture and send it to you to let you know its progress.

When it generates the shipping order number, we will send it to you as soon as possible and keep following up.

When it arrives at its destination, we will contact you again to remind you of the receipt.

After you receive it, if there is any product quality problem, we will negotiate with you according to the seriousness of the problem, full refund or partial compensation.

Q&A of Professional Ballet Platter Tutu


Q1. Is it possible to make customized drawings, and is there any MOQ required?

A1. Customized drawings are supported, MOQ is 5-10 pieces.

Q2. What is the lead time for ordering single items and ordering large goods?

A2. The production cycle within 30 pcs (and the decoration is in stock) is about 15 working days (maximum 300 pieces can be produced in a month).

Q3. What is the difference between the number of layers and the diameter of the yarn skirt for children and adults?

A3. Child-size skirt yarn is about 5-7 layers, adult-size skirt yarn is about 7-11 layers.

Q4. How to distinguish children's size from adult size?

A4. The size of children is distinguished by numbers 120-150, and the size of adults is distinguished by letters XS-XL.

Q5. What shipping method is used? How much does that cost?

A5. According to your delivery date and budget, we recommend different modes of transportation, such as: DHL (expensive), EMS (highest price/performance ratio), China Post Large Pack / SEA (most economical). The shipping cost depends on the order quantity and shipping method. 

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