2024 The 8th Wuhan Stage Clothing and Dance Supplies Expo was grandly held from April 17 to 20

Thu Apr 18 09:06:11 CST 2024

2024 The 8th Wuhan Stage Clothing and Dance Supplies Expo was grandly held from April 17 to 20

Release time: 2024-02-26

2024 The 8th Wuhan Stage Clothing and Dance Supplies Expo (Dance Expo)

Introduction to the Dance Expo:

China (Wuhan) Stage Clothing and Dance Supplies Expo, held since 2015, is currently the only professional exhibition of stage performance costumes, dance costumes and supplies, art costumes, ethnic costumes, Hanfu dresses, body clothes and practice clothes in China. Nearly 200 clothing manufacturers participate in the exhibition every year, displaying tens of thousands of newly designed exquisite dance costumes in an exhibition area of more than 10,000 square meters. The new models are popular, leading the trend of the industry. Businesspeople from all over the country gather to create an annual business exchange event for dance costumes. For manufacturers and merchants, gathering at the Dance Expo is not only to participate in sales and expand business opportunities, to demonstrate the strength of enterprises and design styles and production processes, but also to follow market changes, understand new technologies, new processes and new materials, choose customized clothing, exchange design ideas, reserve manufacturers and style resources, and fully prepare in advance to seize market opportunities.


Development time:

April 17-20, 2024 (Wednesday-Saturday)

Audience entry time:

Wednesday, April 17 9:00-17:00

Thursday, April 18 9:00-17:00

Friday, April 19 9:00-17:00

Saturday, April 20 9:00-14:00 (withdraw after 14:00 pm)


The exhibition hall:

Wuhan Living Room Chinese Culture Expo Center

Exhibition hall address:

No. 8, Hongtu Road, Jinyintan Avenue, Dongxihu District, Wuhan City

Subway transportation:

2/3/8 the intersection of three subway lines - Hongtu Avenue Station Exit H to the exhibition hall

The exhibition hall takes more than 20 minutes by subway to Wuhan Tianhe Airport

Exhibition Hall 15 minutes by subway to Hankou Railway Station

Exhibition Hall 40 minutes by subway to high-speed rail Wuhan Station and Wuchang Railway Station

Bus: 299, 286, 322, H95 at Jinyintan Avenue Yintan Road Station to the exhibition hall

The front and rear doors of the exhibition hall are parking lots, with sufficient parking spaces.

The first two hours are free, then 4 yuan/hour, capped at 60 yuan for the whole day.


Products on display:

Stage performance costumes, film and television drama costumes, Hanfu dresses, ethnic costumes, art costumes, dance costumes, body wear and practice costumes, footwear, fabric accessories, stage props, dance beauty makeup, dance franchise, dance school software and hardware, related manufacturing equipment, etc.

How to enter:

All kinds of visitors can simply register at the entrance of the exhibition hall and receive tickets for free entry.


It is expected that there will be 200 stage clothing and dance supplies manufacturers.

Welcome to follow the WeChat official account of the Dance Expo and keep abreast of the exhibition information