5 Classic Moves For Getting Started With Ballet

Fri Nov 25 10:14:30 CST 2022

No.1 "Arabesque" Arabesqe (French)

One of the basic dance moves of ballet. The dancing posture is to squat or stand upright with one leg, straighten the other leg back, and form a right angle with the supporting leg, and form a corresponding and harmonious posture with both arms, thus forming a straight line as long as possible from fingertips to toes.

It can be done standing on tiptoe, or it can remain unchanged during jumping or turning. This is also one of the most beautiful dance moves in classical ballet.

No.2 "Whiplash" fouette (French)

It refers to the ballerina standing on tiptoe with one leg as the axis and raising the other leg, waving rapidly in the air like a whip, and gaining rotational power and speed by continuously swinging her legs, driving her body non-stop The rotation is a test of the actor's sense of balance and leg strength.

"Whip-whip" is a very famous show-off in ballet, especially the 32 whip-whip turns of the black swan in "Swan Lake", which are often regarded as a test of a dancer's skills.

No.3 "Big split" Grand ecart

The ballerina's legs are opened 180 degrees to the front, back, or sides. The hips are at right angles to the legs and the torso is straight. Keep your legs straight and stretch your insteps.

No.4 "Big Jump" Grand Jete

The big jump is another exhilarating movement in ballet. It requires the dancer to have both explosive power and flexibility.

The height of the jump, the beauty of the attitude in the air, and the clean stability of the landing constitute a perfect and beautiful big jump.

No.5 "Standing posture" Attitude

The dancer stands on one leg and lifts the other leg high at 90 degrees. (Start with feet four and five, with a stable supporting leg. Stand on the supporting leg, lift the other leg back high, bend the knee 90 degrees, and hold the position still.)