A ballet photographer records the world of a ballet dancer off the stage

Sat Mar 26 09:45:03 CST 2022

On the stage, the ballet dancer's mission has always been to perform beautifully and elegantly. And behind every successful dancer, there are countless days of practice, to reach a perfect state.

Darian Volkova, a young dancer affiliated with the St. Petersburg Theatre, has been observing the life off stage of her peers and predecessors for years. She decided to pick up the camera and record the world behind the stage of a ballet dancer. 

Darian Volkova, from St. Petersburg, is a ballet dancer and photographer. In addition to the usual performance of ballet, is to shoot ballet.

Growing up in the theater, ballet is just like her living environment. She hopes to let the real life of ballet dancers be seen by the world through the lens of documentary photos. She didn't want the picture to be beautiful, but she wanted to tell a story about a ballet dancer.

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