Analysis of basic ballet physical learning

Sat Mar 26 09:44:33 CST 2022

Ballet has a confiding, direct, and elegant aesthetic quality.A series of basic movements of physical ballet are built on the idea of beauty.

Handgrip practice is the practice of holding on to a fixed object during practice.Common have wipe the ground, half squat, full squat, small kick, delimit a circle to wait for an action.One leg squat and small bounce leg, pressure front leg, pressure side leg, pressure back leg is also quite the main exercise.These exercises can make the spine, buttock, ankle, arm full of vitality, and cultivate elegant and noble temperament.


Ground quality exercise: sit on the ground and do hook the back of the foot, plate foot pressure hip, supine suction leg, side side suction leg, prone after suction leg, waist exercise, supine night kick before the year before.These actions can open the ligaments of the shoulder and hip joints, enhance the flexibility of the waist, and enhance the elasticity and strength of the muscles of the legs and back.

It is very difficult to take off the exercise, the movement is divided into hand position and foot position exercise, such as the wave shape of the arm dance, the foot do row round and so on.In contrast to the previous exercises, the additional exercises include jumping exercises.Small jump can also be divided into a small jump, two small jump, five small jump.The middle jump is the following exercise, mainly in situ, divided into one-place middle jump, two-position middle jump, single-rise double fall and double-rise single fall.And finally, the big jump.The above exercise is a small combination of arms, legs, bouncing and other dance styles, which can not only exercise the basic ability of the body, but also adjust the basic posture of the body, and make it able to be used in ballet flexibly.