At what age does the child begin to learn ballet better?

Sat Mar 26 09:55:36 CST 2022

Children can learn ballet from the age of 4 to 15, after the age of 10 on the toe, but with the appropriate training methods, the child on the toe age can be advanced. In domestic ballet companies, most children begin to learn ballet at the age of four or five. Three or four years later, the children began to contact the toe, but the practice is very different from foreign countries, toe is only a small part of the whole class, before and after the time is only ten minutes, not every class has toe training. Moreover, there are teachers keeping a close eye on each child's ability, so it is safe for children to go on tiptoe. But only when the child has enough strength and ability.

Children are in the development of the stage of the body, so in the training should pay attention to the growth of the child's bone, muscle development and so on. The training of young children should not be copied on the body of young children. However, children can do some standing posture, sitting simple flexibility exercises. Like rowing a boat on the ground; Do small ingot, flat on the ground to do small swallow fly; Lie on the ground and stretch and stretch your legs.

A large amount of dance training should be done in the dance works of children to train children with correct dance movements and postures. So that children in the performance of the dance process can have the correct dance posture. One head and one foot should have accurate and misleading postures to achieve the purpose of training