Ballet Dance Appreciation

Sat Mar 26 09:29:06 CST 2022

Ballet, both in terms of form and plot, is a perfect combination of dance, music, plot, and setting. However, from the middle of the 17th century to the 19th century, in the flowing and changing dance posture, ballet art gradually moved closer to poetry with its unique elegance, nobility and beauty.


"When dance hopes to be an art, that is to say, it proposes itself the task of finding the most perfect form for expressing the inner world of human beings, then it becomes necessary for it to satisfy the requirements we put forward to any kind of art. 


The conditions are met. These requirements are: first, skills, and then full and sincere feelings, expressing feelings clearly, beautiful form, complete style, and character."This true concept of rules in ballet art is formed by transforming the dance style of classical ballet through the inspiration of dancers. 


No matter how perfect the technique and dance style are, it cannot include the rich image of the inner world. Ballet only wears the course that is beginning to head toward the ideal beauty, in which more and more sophisticated dance poses are just materials for constructing this beauty, which need to be directly constrained by the artist's true self and subjective emotions.