Ballet Related Knowledge

Fri Nov 25 10:25:43 CST 2022

Ballet-related knowledge 1: How to appreciate ballet

The most important technical points of ballet are: open, collapse, straight, turn, jump, and god.

Open: refers to the opening of the hip bones. The basic requirement is that the heels can stand firmly on the heels to achieve a fully open line, which can enhance the stability of the whole body, and only the open movements can be elegant and beautiful;

Beng: refers to the back of the foot. The instep is called "the second face of a ballerina", and a good instep should be as high as bread. In addition to being born with good insteps, it also depends on continuous collapse and pressing.

Straight: Straight refers to straight legs. Actors should have straight backs, straight shoulders, straight knees and legs;

Turn: Turn is divided into whip turn, leg sucking turn, four-position turn, etc. No matter what kind of turn, the most important thing is the center of gravity. For the whiplash that will be encountered in "Swan Lake" this time, it appears in the third act "Black Swan" paragraph: this is the most well-known classic segment, and it is also the part that tests the actor's skills the most. The technical test point is "32 rounds of whipping". When watching this clip, you should pay attention to the movement range of the black swan's main leg (that is, the supporting leg), that is, the starting point and ending point of the excellent whipping non-action leg. Keep it in basically the same small area, the smaller the area, the higher the skill of the actor;

Jumping: Ballet jumping emphasizes a semi-suspended graceful state. Like turning, the most important thing about jumping is the moment when you land. If there is another pause (that is, broken steps) at the moment of jumping to the ground, it means that the dancer did not find the center of gravity and sense of balance at the moment of take-off;

God: that is, demeanor. Everyone has their own opinions on the demeanor of ballet, but in any case, demeanor is definitely the most important link for actors and audiences to enter the play.

Ballet-related knowledge 2: Tips for watching ballet

Since the art form of ballet is completed through the combination of movement and rhythm, and if you don’t understand the plot, there will inevitably be some thinking and visual confusion. Here are a few tips for friends who are watching the show for the first time:

1) What to do if you can’t distinguish the actors: In many dance dramas, there is not much difference between the costumes of the leading role and the supporting role. In addition, the distance between the seat and the stage often creates the feeling of "the leading role appears, but the leading role disappears". You can find some iconic items to distinguish the actors, such as different costumes, hair colors, accessories, and partners.

2) How is the curtain: The curtain was originally stipulated that the curtain is pulled up and the curtain is put down to count as one scene, but now there are also situations where the direct props move slowly without putting down the curtain. In fact, simply speaking, the act is a noun that distinguishes the development of the main plot.

3) How to applaud: During the performance, you can applaud when the actors stop or bow, because at this time you can judge that the actors will not perform difficult movements in a short time; after the performance, you can clap and shout bravo; call again Sometimes, the applause can last longer, which is an affirmation and praise for the performance of the actors.