Ballet TUTU skirt can show the dancer's movements

Sat Mar 26 10:04:16 CST 2022

Ballet Tutu skirt is the most iconic dance skirt in classical ballet. It is characterized by a very short skirt, which is stretched from the waist to make it easy for the audience to appreciate the dancer's graceful leg movements and their graceful leg shape. In the drama of Lake, Tutu was almost pushed to a peak. Later, when people talked about ballet, they would portray the dancer as wearing Tutu and pointe shoes, which shows its success.

      Tutu is made of special hard yarn, which is divided into Tutu for practice and Tutu for performance. The difference between the two is mainly the number of yarns. The former is mainly used for practice, so the general yarn is very small, while the latter is generally Shows the woman's elegance or grace, and generally uses more than six layers of yarn, which appear to be layered, rather than being as rigid as Tutu.

costume tutu

       In addition, Tutu will usually have a corresponding top directly connected to the Tutu, while Tutu is usually a separate dance skirt. Without a matching top, it can only be matched with a training suit. As for Tutu and underpants. With or without a pair of pants (Tutu is a connected underwear), because of the matching exercise clothes, there is no essential difference between the two, just a matter of personal choice.

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