Ballet creates a beautiful posture

Sat Mar 26 09:49:02 CST 2022

1. Swan stretch makes arms slim and long. Sit on the mat with your legs bent, your upper body straight, your head straight, and your eyes fixed in front of you. Raise your hands sideways, then bend your elbows slightly and lower arms slightly downward to create a swan stretch. Then straighten your arms back to the side level, with your upper and lower arms in a straight line, then bend your elbows again. Repeat 30 times, keeping your shoulders back all the way through. This is an effective way to reduce excess fat in your forearms and tighten your upper arms, making your arms thinner and longer. Sit with your legs bent on the mat and stand on tiptoe, taut on the back of your feet. Bend elbows in ballet, put in front of the abdomen, tighten belly, lower body remains unchanged, left twist buttocks to make the body turn to the left, the head turns accordingly, after reaching its own limit to stop, maintain movement for 5 seconds, the body back to the center, and then to the right to twist.

2. Push back to create compact and graceful shoulder lines. Sit on the mat with your upper body straight and slightly bend your elbows to the sides of your hips. Bend your knees a little so that your calves are lifted off the floor and your toes are taut on the balls of your feet. Open your shoulders back and lift your hands back, then straighten your elbows so that your forearms are in line. Hold for 3 seconds and bend your elbows, then straighten them again.