Ballet troupe: bringing high art within reach

Sat Mar 26 09:38:31 CST 2022

When it comes to ballet, what is the first key word that comes to mind?Elegant, mysterious, and by extension "unintelligible", this is the first impression of many people.

Ballet has always been,

Are considered to be an art of exquisite performance and infinite charm.

The graceful dance, the light leap,

And the full flavor of the pirouette can bring people into the dreamlike realm of art.

The delicacy, the grace, the difficulty of ballet,

Let it have the "dance art crown pearl" laudatory name.

If I had a child, I would learn ballet with her

Buy her all those beautiful tutus,Bring your little princess to ballet lessons

Take pictures of her stunning appearance

Let her learn silence and persistence in her daily training,

Tired to cry can also wipe away tears

Because ballet girls know,

The ballet girl

Only hard work on a daily basis can bring you brilliance on the stage

I want her to find confidence in ballet,

Love your body more, enrich your mind

She will brave the sun and dare to venture anywhere

She would have a group of little girls to dance with,

Laugh together make together grow into the most beautiful appearance

Ballet shoes would be her best friend,

The most beautiful memories of her childhood

To accompany her to every ballet class,

Listen to how a beautiful ballet teacher started learning to dance

A ballet girl is instantly recognizable from a crowd,

Unique temperament and elegant form do not need to be so eye-catching

By ballet, she would have a long neck and straight legs

Her hardened body would give her her own sense of accomplishment,

Good health is the best part of being young

Her spirit will never be lonely

Life is so full of love

When she grew up with the girls she danced with as a child,

They are the most elegant of besties,

Time to work together on a dream is so precious

Bring your baby to ballet lessons.