Be a temperament woman-a wonderful outfit for a ballet skirt

Sat Mar 26 09:34:08 CST 2022

I believe that the elegant figure of Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City series is still resident in the minds of many people, especially her unmatched fashion style. What everyone knows is that she redefines the ballet skirt. Until now, many fashion bloggers and It girls continue to wear a fresh street feel in their own way. Whether it is sexy and provocative, sweet and playful, dramatic, etc., I believe you can also find a tutu that suits you.

Tip1: White ballet skirt + black top

We can imagine the fluffy feeling of the white ballet skirt. Imagine if such a swelling skirt with a cocoon-shaped upper body is really good. I don’t deny that the show’s supermodels can wear beautifully. It feels like this, but as ordinary people of us, we really have to think about it if we want to follow suit. In fact, black and white is the most conservative but also the most classic. Not to mention how low other colors are. It is hard enough to come up with a color alone. To summarize the above, with this white tutu skirt or black tight top is the first choice, of course, you can choose a turtleneck sweater or leather jacket.

Tip2: White ballet skirt + denim top

Of course, if you are tired of black tops, you can also choose versatile denim fabrics to solve your problems. Although black is a classic, denim fabric alone can offset all color mismatches. A cute and cute denim short jacket with a tutu skirt to look thin is the first, and age reduction is also the key. Of course, remember to bring an exaggerated necklace to embellish it when it is appropriate. The matching of a light blue denim shirt and a white tutu skirt is even more simple. You only need to tuck the hem of the shirt into the skirt, and you don't need to worry about the hips looking thick, because the tutu skirt is puffy after all! And accessories are still the key element.


Tip3: White ballet dress + short top

Short tops have been hot for many seasons, no one can predict the active time of a single product, but if there is a single product that will show all your advantages and cover all the disadvantages, it will still be favored even if it is no longer popular. . The short top is such a single product, which shows the sexy waist design just right. It is extremely atmospheric and has a very large chest curve. In addition to matching jeans, this top is also matched with this wide-open long umbrella skirt. It will make people look gentle and generous. However, there are gains and losses. It is worth noting that girls with fat on their waists are not suitable for this style of matching, so be careful to avoid them.

Tip4: Black ballet dress + loose top

Looking at the combination of these two suits, you may ask, is there anything in common? Let’s ignore the difference in skirts and look at the similarities on the tops. One is a sweater and the other is a shirt. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that these two tops are loose-fitting, but the first one. The girl put the hem of the loose sweater outside, and the second girl tucked the hem of the loose shirt inside the skirt. This difference in matching is caused by the different shapes of the skirts. It is obvious that the first skirt is not a puff skirt, while the second is a classic puff skirt. This makes the styles of the two look very different, but the two The match is perfect.


Tip5: Black ballet dress + loose vest


If you feel that you haven't worn such exposed vests for a long time, then you should find them out of your closet in this hot summer. Most people think that this kind of vest is difficult to match. First of all, because of the lack of a good figure, they gave up the simple paper matching. Second, because there is no vest without a stable shape, it is difficult to wear a tall feeling. But when these problems encountered a black ballet dress, everything was solved. You will find that even if you are not very thin, after wearing a black ballet skirt, your thick legs and fat buttocks are covered, and the black ballet skirt looks very textured because of the multi-layered mesh.



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