Benefits and considerations from dancing girls in elementary school

Sat Mar 26 09:41:29 CST 2022

Many parents ask their children to learn ballet, so when is the best time to start?What are the problems to pay attention to?Here's a look at the Fitdance Ballet Factory:

The benefits of learning ballet

1, for the child's bone development, shape is good

2, can correct the child's bad posture and form, such as O - leg, inside character, hunchback, etc

3, can form a good habit of life, can also help the development of intelligence

It is better for children to learn ballet from the ages of 8 to 10. However, it is more appropriate to wait until the ages of 11 to 13 for some difficult movements or activities that burden human tissues (such as the toe of ballet), so as not to cause sports injuries to joints and bones.The baby learns ballet, a few simple basic movements can be carried out in 3 years old or so, but the instruction of skill had better start in 6 years old or so.

Children's ballet

Tips for learning ballet

1. Find qualified training providers and teachers to make sure you get the right posture right from the start.

2, dance shoes dance skirt must be professional, soft and hard suitable, wear too old, too broken shoes dance easily hurt feet.

3, softness training should be moderate, let the child bear the appropriate strength, training should not be too fast, so as to avoid muscle and tendon injury.

4, strictly abide by the teacher's instruction, no matter the age of the child, the length of learning, practice must have the correct posture.

5. Practice for 15 minutes a day at the beginning of the course, and gradually increase the pace of the course to 30 minutes a day. During the practice, take breaks at appropriate times to avoid injury to the arch of the foot, leg muscles and tendons.

6. If you have pain in your knees and ankles while dancing, apply ice cubes for 10 minutes before seeking medical treatment.From the age of 4 to 15, children can learn ballet, but it must be done with the right training methods, until the child has enough strength and ability to go on the toes.