Black swan makeup of the "car" scene! How does a ballet dancer wear black swan makeup?

Sat Mar 26 09:59:24 CST 2022

Remember black Swan, a scary story about a ballet troupe. However, for us ballet lovers, those ballet classroom training, performance shots are enough to make people excited.

Ballerinas and beauty aficionados are following suit.

Although different from the black swan look seen in most ballets, this look is very creative.It also fits the character and is a very successful look.

Even some photography studios have set up black Swan photo kits to help you get the hang of it.

Of course, there are also a lot of fans, beauty makeup artists inspired by the movie makeup, improved to create their own black swan makeup, adding more elements such as feathers, sequins, but the same charm the same gothic.

But not everyone's cos skills are so superb, so thick dark makeup, a little attention to the scene of a car accident.

Finally, here are some makeup looks for ballet dancers, and maybe some inspiration for you.