Children learn some important knowledge and precautions of ballet dance

Sat Mar 26 09:40:40 CST 2022

Many parents believe that learning dance can improve their temperament, which is true, but the reality of learning dance can also bring a lot of harm to their children.Because few people notice that learning to dance too early, too often, or not properly can be physically and emotionally damaging to a child.

Please parents must pay attention to the following mistakes!

One, dance is to be able to split, low - bow

Many parents bring their children in to dance lessons, show them horizontal and vertical crosses, and then ask the teacher, "Is my child suitable for dancing?", this is our country's parents to dance throughout know that as long as the cross, vertical cross, that is can dance, that dance and gymnastics, kung fu is not there is no difference?Many children, after a period of dance training, can split, but there is no dance style, no open, no straight legs, no tight feet, parents do not think so.Dance requires basic skills, but each person's own conditions are different, so the more need is a scientific training and correct style.

Second, the performance of "Strict teacher" is a high requirement for basic dance skills

From good dance basic skill is right, but not too soon, to hurt to go forward, about the amateur dance education, specification and progressive dance practice is the most basic science, also is playing at the prison, the performance is not high to the requirement of the basic skills such as vertical fork under the "one month" crash, but the leg press, kick, wipe on every detail, such as dancing is "fire makes sweet malt", is need time and patience.

Simple children dance combination I can do it too. It's a waste of money to go to a training class.

We can observe that no matter which local dance examination materials have a lot of simple small combinations, many parents hear children's songs, see the education action is very simple, think that there is no need to spend money, spend time on such a training class.This is completely fault, because the tempo of soul lies in music and dance, dance by Jane to numerous learning mode, will let the child have a thick dance foundation, good music and rhythm, in repeated exposure to gradually cultivate understanding of dance, will be more and more love, love dancing, dancing, and many parents will only "follow gourd ladle", and mastery of detail is shortage.

Qualified dance teachers or dance training organizations are good

The development of social knowledge update now with each passing day, the dance is also very quickly, especially in some small and medium-sized cities, dance education still stays in the nineties, the education idea and way already can not adapt to the dance education now, and many students received a good education back to their homes in big cities, bringing more and more scientific and advanced concept of the dance is difficult to get local approval, this is very sad, so choose a good dance teacher or training organization is not only to look at their credentials and provide channels, school planning, too many more should pay attention to the training organization, teachers can't pay attention to my children?Whether the teaching methods of teachers themselves are professional, whether they pay attention to dance details, whether they love dancing, whether they keep pace with The Times, whether they have a sense of responsibility and so on.

In a broad sense, children are already exposed to dance from birth.This time has the heart mother may think that the child does the passive exercise and the child together does the rhythm, the rhythm aspect drill.From the professional point of view, each child's level is different, and the age of learning dance is also different.In the dance learning must be scientific way to learn, do not prematurely to contact the difficult dance skills.