Classification Of Ballet Costumes

Sat Nov 19 11:12:06 CST 2022

Ballet Practice Clothing.

Tights and tights are the basic training clothes. Women usually wear black tights and pink tights in the classical ballet period. Nowadays, there are many styles of tights for women, such as suspenders, sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, There are long sleeves and deep U and shallow U on the back. The collar is generally V-shaped, and some have a little pleat decoration on the chest. There is also a tights with a high collar and long sleeves, which can be worn when a little warmth is needed. There are various colors, red, blue and purple are the most common. The fabric is generally made of cotton, which absorbs sweat but is not durable. Nylon is very elastic but has poor sweat-absorbing ability. There are also velvet upper body and cotton lower body, but the price is relatively expensive.  


Female dancers generally do not wear tights on their lower bodies, but only wear socks and half-length gauze skirts. Dance socks are generally made of nylon material, and there is a kind of dance socks with holes on the soles of the feet, which can relieve the pain of the feet. Footless is some professional dance wear, the length is from the waist to the ankle. There is also a Top to toe tights  worn with shoes. Fishnet stockings are very sexy and are worn when dancing tap dance. There are generally four types of gauze skirts, one is ultra-short gauze skirts, the other is knee-length gauze skirts, the other is short-front and long-back gauze skirts, and the other is printed gauze skirts that reach the calf.


Men's tights include one-piece sleeveless and footless elastic tights. The clothes are connected with pantyhose. One kind of upper body is strap-shaped, and the other kind of upper body is a vest. Generally, it is mainly black and white, and the other is tight Jumpsuits, mainly gray, cotton or spandex men's cycling pants are also practice clothes often worn by male actors. 

Ballet costumes.   

Tutu skirt is the standard dance skirt of ballet. Skirts consist of four or five layers of silk or nylon pleats, or four or five layers of organza with a layer of silk on top. The skirt is attached to a vest of corresponding size. During the Tarioni period, the ballet skirt was very long, only about 30 centimeters from the ground, and then gradually shortened, until 1880, the whole leg was exposed. The pattern decoration on the skirt varies according to the background of the dance drama.

Ballet Shoes And Other Accessories.   

Pointe shoes are standard ballet shoes. The front part of the pointe shoes is glued to the cloth layer by layer and consolidated to form a hard, small plane; there is a rubber shoe plate inside the sole, and a leather bottom outside the sole. The ballerina stands up with the help of the shoe plate, and uses the small plane of the toe to fix the center of gravity. Each pair of pointe shoes is made by hand. The materials for making shoes include satin, burlap, paste, etc. At the same time, in order to adapt to different heights of the feet, there are "Vaganova", "Elita", "Fu There are three models of "Ai Jie", each model is divided into 17 sizes. In addition, there are 5 fat and thin conditions for each size.


The accessories of ballet shoes include leg guards, top pads, toe pads, gel pads, toe pads, ribbons and rubber bands, etc., which are mainly used to protect the dancer's feet and dance more gracefully.