Dance the World - The 30th Anniversary Performance of Liaoning Ballet Affiliated Dance School ended perfectly: the watchman of the times and the sculptor of art

Mon May 06 08:50:36 CST 2024

On the evening of May 4, the 30th anniversary performance of the Liaoning Ballet Affiliated Dance School was successfully held at the Liaoning Grand Theater. Zhao Yifei, secretary of the Party Committee and deputy head of the Liaoning Ballet, and executive principal of the Liaoning Ballet Affiliated Dance School, served as the narrator. The atmosphere of the event was warm, the audience was full of waves, and the performance ended successfully.


Since its establishment in 1994, the dance school affiliated to Liaoning Ballet has adhered to the concept of "combination of group and school". After several generations of efforts, it has been committed to cultivating pure ballet talents, sending many outstanding dancers and literary workers to China and the world, and gradually forming a ballet Chinese school with Liaoba characteristics. The young dancers have won many awards on the international stage, winning a total of 203 awards in various international competitions, and won special awards and gold medals in four international A-class ballet competitions, which is known as the "Liaoba phenomenon". After moving to a new location in 2016, the school's development pace has accelerated. In 2018, the establishment of Liaoning Ballet Youth Ballet Company changed the current situation of domestic youth ballet talent training without drama, and has independently rehearsed the world classic ballet "The Nutcracker", ballet dance group poem "Four Seasons", ballet dance group poem "Model" and so on.


According to the introduction, the "Etude", "A Drop of Water" and "Clouds and Wind" of this performance are all original. "Etude" is a repertoire that gathers middle and high school children and performs in the form of classical ballet combined with classroom performances. Zhao Yifei said: "The children who took the stage tonight are a highlight. There are more than 100 students, and this is also the stage debut of many students. From them, we can see the blooming of ballet in our school, our Liaoning and our China. Every teacher is very moved and excited."

"A Drop of Water" is one of the five chapters of the ballet dance poem "Model", which takes fragments from Lei Feng's diary as creative materials. This chapter mainly shows modern ballet. Zhao Yifei said: "From the perspective of training, our school attaches great importance to both classical ballet and modern ballet, which is also related to our international talent training model. Because now the international ballet world is like this, with both the arrangement of classical repertoire, such as'Swan Lake ', and the birth of neoclassical."

Yang Tianyu, an outstanding student who won the silver medal in the B1 women's division of the 9th Vienna International Ballet and Modern Dance Competition, said: "It took us almost half a year to rehearse the original play'A Drop of Water '. During that time, the teachers and students worked very hard, because not only did we need to polish each of our own movements, but also we needed to ensure a high degree of fit and appreciation during the collective performance." Zhang Dexhan, an outstanding student who won the gold medal in the B1 men's division of the 9th Vienna International Ballet and Modern Dance Competition, said: "After a long time of hard work and rehearsal, I am the happiest when every performance is successfully completed."


"The German choreographer is working with us on Clouds and Wind, a production co-produced by German director Patrick de Barna and Liaoning Ballet." One is the quality of our troupe's actors, because Clouds and Wind has high requirements on the muscular quality and appearance of male actors. On the other hand, we are also optimistic about the branding impression of our troupe at home and abroad. "On the internationalization of ballet art, Zhao Yifei added:" I think this is also a trend. For example, the two plays'Eight Women Throwing into the River 'and'Iron Man' are representatives of our troupe's commitment to telling Chinese stories for so many years. We hope that this exotic product of ballet will be grafted with China's national culture, and we hope that our national repertoire will go to the world. We also hope that more people can learn about ballet and learn ballet. "


In front of the theater, Yu Shuai, a 97th alumnus, was grateful and carefully prepared top soft shoes of his own brand Lucky Ballet for all alumni and teachers. Yu Shuai said affectionately: "I came out of here, and the alumni who met Liaoba in other provinces are very kind. I am honored to be a student of Liaoba, and I sincerely wish my alma mater can do better and better, and the world is full of peaches and plums."

In the 30 years since the Liaoning Ballet School was established, it has strived to be the watchman of the times, the sculptor of art, and the interpreter of beauty. With the voice as a ruler and the footsteps as a pen, it has drawn a moving ballet picture. Zhao Yifei said: "I have a deep affection for our school because this is my first job. I feel extremely gratified and proud to see the students I have trained shining on the stage. Now, the government's support for us is also growing, and we will also be committed to cultivating more ballet talents with international influence. In all aspects, we will move towards higher goals. Growth knows no boundaries, and leap through 30!"