Do you know something about tutus?

Sat Mar 26 10:00:36 CST 2022

Do you know something about tutus

The style of the dress is different for each ballet play. Ballet dancers' legs are very straight and long, and a flat skirt can make them longer, and that skirt is one of the classics of ballet.

Tutu: The standard dance dress worn by a ballerina. Made of four or five layers of silk or nylon pleats, the skirt is attached to an elegant waistcoat of the appropriate size. The French word tutu originally meant a short skirt worn under a dancer's costume. The romantic tutu was long, about 30 centimeters (12 inches) off the ground. It gradually shortened until the 1880s when the whole leg was exposed. Romantic tutus and skirts can be seen in modern ballet attire.

2.Ballet costume Standard

3. The treatment of ballet dancer's hair

Whatever style you comb your hair, make sure it doesn't come loose. That is to require hairpins, hair needles must be firmly fixed, to ensure that it will not be shaken off, such as thrown into the eyes of partners. A band or handkerchief tied to your hair must be secured. Nowadays very few people use hair nets because most actresses have long hair and can tie it back in a knot.

Men today also wear their hair longer, so they look for instruments to tie it so that it does not cover their face when they spin or jump. Many actors today use a long, narrow band tied around their eyebrows to keep the hair from falling off, looking very much like the beautiful gods of Mount Olympus.