Do you know the style characteristics of classical ballet?

Sat Mar 26 09:23:57 CST 2022

In fact, classical ballet still has a distinction between romantic and classical. The former is the dance drama "Giselle" of the 17th and 18th centuries. The latter refers specifically to dance dramas of the nineteenth century, such as "Swan Lake". The obvious difference between the two is the difference in the dance clothes worn by the dancers. The classical dance clothes are short skirts of yarn quality, called classical tutu, and the dance shoes are softer; while the romantic dance skirts are longer. Between the knees and ankles, called romantic tutu, the dancing shoes are hard, which is convenient for the dancers to stand upright.

In addition, classical ballet can be divided into fast dance and slow dance according to the movements. Fast dance was conceived in Italy. The biggest feature is jumping and spinning. It refers to the dance of male dancers and female dancers dancing to the rapid music. All lively, rapid and gorgeous dances belong to it. Slow dance was conceived in France and is the biggest feature of French dance. Dancers use slow movements or balance their bodies with one foot. The dance steps and postures that form elegant curves are called slow dance. This kind of dance is full of slenderness. Beauty.

In classical ballet, slow dance is usually used to show the love scenes of men and women, such as the slow dance of the princess and the prince in the second act of Swan Lake. Slow dance is basically a dance of women, and male dancers are just a foil to support female dancers. For female dancers, it is nothing more than a great opportunity to show their dance skills and graceful curves, and at this time, they can express their bodies. Balance is even more important.

Nowadays, fast dance and slow dance are used interchangeably, but classical ballet can still be distinguished between the gorgeousness of Italian school and the romantic temperament of France based on the degree of emphasis.