Fairy Giselle Dress

Sat Mar 26 09:23:19 CST 2022

Long skirts are the iconic dance skirts of romantic ballet. The length is over the knee, and some almost reach the ankles. It is the gospel for girls with poor legs.


However, because the length of the skirt covers most of the legs, everyone's attention is naturally shifted to the toes, which has developed a jaw-dropping and difficult toe dance technique.


The second act of "Giselle" is probably the most famous long skirt scene, in which ghosts with cicada-winged veils seek revenge from the scumbag, as cold and ruthless as the moonlight. I especially like the tulle of the ghosts.


This group dance shows the ghosts (transliterated as "Villis") of the women who were abandoned and died in the dark gathering in the night. They wore white skirts with ankle-length veils in the shape of an inverted bell, allowing people to be natural. Focus on the movements of their toes. The shoulder sleeves and halter are designed to highlight the dancer's beautiful neck and back. When he appeared on the stage, he covered his face with white gauze, adding a hazy and ethereal "Xianqier".


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