Hainan dancers participate in the World Dance Grand Prix and World Ballet Grand Prix

Wed Apr 17 08:38:22 CST 2024

A few days ago, Ou Rui participated in the World Dance Grand Prix and World Ballet Grand Prix held in Tokyo, Japan.

Jumping, spinning, stretching; like a swallow, like a dragon, dancing wantonly...

On April 4, the World Dance Grand Prix and the World Ballet Grand Prix came to an end in Tokyo, Japan. Hainanese dancer Ou Rui won the Special Award (the highest award) of the Modern Ballet Adult Group Organizing Committee and the Gold Award of the World Folk Dance Adult Group. He is the only professional player in the adult group who has won the Special Award of the Organizing Committee in this competition.

This dancer from the Hainan Middle School Dance Troupe is full of Chinese dancers.


Seven years ago, on March 22, 2017, in the second World Ballet Competition in Tokyo, Japan, Ou Rui won the gold medal in the adult group of modern ballet for his original solo dance "Germination". That was his first gold medal.

From winning the "first gold" to the "highest prize", Ou Rui recalled the moment when he received the trophy a few days ago: "This moment, I have waited too long!"

This competition is organized by UNESCO IFBC (International Ballet Competition Federation), attracting more than 100 contestants from all over the world, and the "organizing committee special prize" in the competition can be called the "ceiling" of the dance industry.


This time, Ou Rui brought his original modern dance "Endless Life" and the world folk dance "Pure Land" to the competition, which was unanimously affirmed and loved by the judges.

"There were five dances in three days." He told reporters that after the contestants went through layers of selection, the judges also had to grade the class. According to the comprehensive considerations of the dancers' physical conditions, technical skills, and on-the-spot adaptability, the best were selected.


"These two works are the creations I have accumulated over the years, incorporating my insights and interpretations of life." Speaking of the original intention of creation, Ou Rui said that life often seeks breakthroughs and possibilities in various experiences. "I hope to express through" Endless Life "that I should know how to cherish and enjoy the present, and be full of expectations and yearning for the future;" Pure Land "incorporates many Chinese elements in order to demonstrate the cultural confidence of Chinese dancers on the world stage."

Since 2017, Ou Rui has won many heavyweight awards on the international stage. At present, Ou Rui is studying for a doctorate in dance in South Korea. In order to keep his body in top condition, he keeps two to three hours of basic skills training every day after writing his thesis and conducting research.


Since he was admitted to the Hainan High School Dance Troupe from Wanning's hometown in 2002, Ou Rui has practiced and studied day after day. At the same time, he also dropped out of cultural classes. In his opinion, "dance needs not only to understand the work, but also to learn to interpret the work, otherwise there will be only body parts and lack of language." Eventually, he was admitted to the Academy of Arts of Xiamen University with excellent grades. Today, he also serves as the vice president of the Fujian Ballet Association and the director of the Xiamen Dancers Association.

It has been a week since the end of the competition, and after leaving the spotlight, Ou Rui's pursuit of further study has never stopped. "I came from Hainan, and I can't lose my roots." Ou Rui told reporters that in the future, he hopes to have the opportunity to return to Hainan to popularize aesthetic education and cultivate more artistic talents for his hometown.