Having studied ballet for so long, do you know the meaning of ballet costume?

Sat Mar 26 09:39:38 CST 2022

"Ballet" originated in Italy and flourished in France.The word ballet comes from the English translation of French ballet, meaning "to dance" or "to dance."Ballet was originally a kind of dance performed by the masses to amuse themselves or in squares in Europe. In the process of development, it formed a strict standard and deconstructed form. Its main feature is that the actresses have to wear special toe shoes and stand on their toes to dance.

As a comprehensive stage art, ballet was formed in French courts in the 17th century.In 1661, King Louis XIV of France ordered the establishment of the world's first royal dance school in Paris, establishing the five basic feet and twelve hands of ballet, so that ballet has a complete set of movements and systems.These five basic feet are still in use today.

No matter in the training classroom or on the stage, dancers wear specially designed costumes for training.While some costumes may change from time to time, for dancers, costumes are more than just a matter of looking good. Each of them has a real purpose.Tights and tights are the dancers' basic practice clothes.In classical ballet, girls usually wear black tights with pink tights.Other schools like their girls to wear socks and various colored tights.Hairstyles are also part of the dance costume.Girls in classical ballet like to have their hair half in a bun at the back of their head, so that the lines of their neck and head are very clear.Ballet shoes are made of soft, thin leather or canvas worn by both boys and girls before girls practice their toes.Girls wear pink and boys wear black or white.Shoes should be fitted tightly around the foot.

Tights (Leotard/Unitard)

The material is usually made of nylon/Lycra and has great elasticity.Boys' tights are usually flat and some grow to the knees, but they don't have too many fancy designs.In terms of girls, they mainly use the triangle style similar to swimsuit, such as low-back style, hollow back style, condole belt style, v-neck and so on, in addition to the long and short sleeves/high and low neckline, etc., so that the girls can fully show their physical beauty when practicing.Of course, no matter how fancy the design, the basic function of helping to tighten the muscles remains the same.

In addition, the color of the girl's tights also has a certain distinction, generally children beginners are pink, with the rise of the level, the color gradually to dark transition.But this is only useful in learning, whereas in other places, such as ballet, colours are generally a matter of personal preference

Nylon (Tights)

Not only do tights help ballet dancers show off their perfect legs, but functionally, they also help them tighten their muscles and focus on their toes.Pantyhose usually use nylon at first, but the nylon elastic, breathable, pantyhose now often join velvet, improved the permeability of tights and sweat absorption performance, the actor won't because of wearing thick tights due to too much sweat after long dance feels weak, at the same time interval, velvet leggings can also have good heat preservation effect, avoid the body too fast cooling and cramps.

The Dress (Dress)

Long skirt is a characteristic dance skirt of romantic ballet, which can be matched with tight dance clothes in general. Its representative plays include The Fairy, etc. The dance skirt is composed of multiple layers of yarn, which is mainly white. When dancing, the skirt yarn swings up and down, which appears smart and elegant, giving people a visual aesthetic feeling.


Turning a blind eye is one of the most iconic classical ballet dance skirt, is characterized by very short skirt, the waist stretched, facilitate the audience appreciate their clever leg movements and their beautiful legs, in "swan lake" is a drama, Tutu was almost to a peak, and then people when it comes to the ballet, generally will portray the dancers in turning and the image of the toe shoes can be found in its success.

Tutu is made from special hard yarn, divided into practice with Tutu and performance with Tutu, the main difference between the two is the amount of yarn, the former is mainly used in practice, thus generally yarn are very few, while the latter is usually in order to show women's elegant or elegant, tend to use more than six layers of yarn, appear layer cascade folds, and not as rigid as practice with turning a jump.In addition, the performance in turning a generally have corresponding coat directly connected, and turning a practice is usually the skirt of a dancing alone, no tie-in coat, normally only match with uniforms, as to practice turning with pants or without bottom pants (show in turning are connected at the bottom of the trousers), because the uniforms, and therefore there is no essential difference between the two, is just a personal choice.

Point shoe/Ballet shoe

This is the most striking difference between ballet and other dance types, that is, the actress can dance upright on her toes with the help of pointy shoes.Until there is a myth that the actress is a piece of wood near the toe shoe erect dance, but in fact, toe shoe without any wood, the toe shoes can help based on tip, because the top of the shoe is made of special glue stick layers and layers of cloth up and play and form, and on the sole of a rubber shoe board to support the feet so that they can stand a tiptoe.

Pointy shoe has the cent of satin and cloth face, the performance is satin commonly, cloth face is used at practice commonly, there is distinction naturally between their price.

Here is a pair of beautiful satin pointy shoes. The front of the shoe is the Platform, on which the actors stand their toes.The piece above the plane is the Box, which covers the toe point. The surface of the toe is attached to the foot by the tightening of the lacing above. A pair of well-made and well-fitted toe shoes should be completely attached to the foot, just like the second skin of an actor's foot.On the back of the shoe is the Sole, usually with the brand Logo. There are also some factories with the insole, such as Capzio and Sansha, which are printed both inside and outside.Shank, a Shank that supports a whole shoe, has a Shank. Softer Shank is easy to stretch toes and show off the perfect instep, but the downside is that it softens easily, doesn't last long, and beginners who lack arch strength are prone to sprains, in contrast to stiffer Shank.The rubber on the toe shoes is not necessary, but sometimes the shoes may not heel, where a rubber can be a good solution.

The LACES of ballet shoes are also as beautiful as a ballet. The two ribbons are crossed and tied at the ankles. The LACES also become a work of art when the feet are stretched.

People often say that ballet dancing girls tend to have a pair of deformity of the foot, even jump tiptoe bloody and pantyhose are hard and shoes, feet apart, this kind of view is very exaggerated ingredients, although professional actors have toe deformity is inevitable, but "bloody" say in today's already became a thing of the past, because with a pair of good shoes and tiptoe can greatly weaken the foothold, pointed to the injury of the foot, as long as pay attention to the protection of the feet, can avoid unnecessary damage, helping improve temperament rather than tiptoe killer.