How To Choose The Right Ballet Shoes

Tue Nov 22 16:07:45 CST 2022

Common ballet shoes are soft shoes, and soft shoes are also divided into two categories, full-sole and split-sole, as shown in the figure below.


The elastic band on the upper is one strap, and some is criss-cross, which can be selected according to personal preference.

How to choose the material of ballet shoes

There are also many kinds of materials for soft shoes, mainly leather, satin and canvas. The leather is relatively stronger, and the satin is more beautiful, but it is not durable. The canvas is comfortable and breathable, and it is also the most mainstream soft shoe. So you may wish to try several, and then choose a pair of the most practical.


How to choose the size of dancing shoes

When many people choose dancing shoes, they will choose a pair of dancing shoes that are well elastic and comfortable to wear on their feet. They usually buy the size that they usually wear when shopping. This is very wrong.

In the process of dancing, we need to press the instep. When the instep is pressed, the foot will shrink inward, so it feels like the shoe will become bigger. Instead, pick a shoe size down that will feel comfortable when you press the instep.

Everyone's feet are different, and dance shoes need to be very close to the feet. So we need to buy a size down. The first two times it feels a bit uncomfortable, but the third time the shoes are stretched and just fit.