How To Dress For Ballet Class In Winter?

Tue Nov 29 13:14:24 CST 2022

First, choose a professional ballet leotard that is tight, cotton, and sweat-absorbent.

From a kinematic point of view, the bodybuilding strength of ballet is unmatched by general fitness exercises. Opening, stretching, straightening, and standing are the four elements of ballet. Therefore, when practicing ballet, the muscles of the whole body must be tightened to continuously elongate the muscle fibers. Professional ballet exercise uniforms can allow teachers to see the body lines and muscle conditions, and guide and correct them in time. Too loose yoga clothes and sportswear will only hide your shortcomings. The teacher will not be able to find out the irregularities in your muscle movements in time, nor can they correct them in time. The consequences of long-term non-standard practice will be very serious.


Secondly, choose a warm and close-fitting short sweater.

Unlike ordinary sweaters, dance-specific sweaters are warm and close-fitting, and have strong air permeability. They are specially designed for ballet classes.


Finally, you can wear knitted leggings.

Knitted leggings are generally divided into three lengths—knee-high, over-the-knee, and thigh-high. There is a small hole on the sole of the foot that can be stepped on, which can keep warm and Can dance easily.