How to choose the children's ballet training suit

Sat Mar 26 09:47:49 CST 2022

1. Color matching

Want to make a judgment from the body and skin color above all, if be a little girl with darker skin color, should first choose high lightness, high purity, bright-colored performance dress, such dress can appear spirit, striking. If a little girl has a lighter skin, she will have a wider range of adaptation to color. For example, if she wears pink, yellow or red, she will appear lively and bright. Even if she wears gray or black, she will also appear comely and elegant, giving a comfortable and natural feeling. While noticing colour and children's color of skin photograph to adapt, the figure that notices children even and children wear colour collocation.

2. Matching of styles

The nature of children should be taken into consideration first. In the process of playing, the comfort level of costumes is a very important factor, which should be characterized by loose nature. The body of a child is developing. It is very convenient for him to wear delicate, free and easy and loose casual costumes and play games and sports. Be helpful for the development of the body already, still can give a person a kind of gentle and lovely, comfortable, optional sense.

3. Material matching

Because children are lively and active, there is no awareness of protecting costumes, so the cloth of children's clothing should be firm, durable, not easy to damage; At the same time, the comfort of the fabric should also be considered. Don't choose synthetic fabrics for your child. Costumes made of chemical fibers, especially underwear, generate static electricity when the human body is moving between the skin and costumes, and between costumes and costumes. Static electricity has a very strong vacuum effect, not only damage performance clothes, but also affect health.

4. Choice of size

How to choose a fit children's wear size measurement method how to choose a fit children's wear? The easy way is for the child to try it on or get a precise measurement, but if the child is not present or cannot be measured, the child's height can still be calculated to fit the child.