In those years, the tutu that astounded the years

Sat Mar 26 09:29:41 CST 2022

For ballet lovers, the dance skirt is the starting point of all dreams. The skirt swaying with the dance, like petals wrapped in dew, it is endlessly light and beautiful.

"Swan Lake" mentioned the white TUTU skirt to the pinnacle, so that when people think of ballet, their first impression is a girl wearing a white ultra-short tutu skirt. But in fact, tutu is more than that.

Today we are going to talk about the tutu that surprised us in those years.

The word "TUTU" comes from French and originally means "a small piece on the buttocks". TUTU skirt is the iconic dance skirt of classical ballet ,the skirt is extremely short, never knee-length. Almost the entire leg of the dancer is exposed, so theTUTU skirt is a great test for the dancer's leg shape and movement.

A TUTU skirt usually uses more than six layers of special hard yarn. When it is spread flat on the ground, it looks like a round omelet.

In addition, the TUTU skirt itself is connected to the underpants, which is part of the costume. Dancers usually wear socks or pants in TUTU skirts.

It takes at least 40 hours to make aplainTUTU skirt .If the skirt needs to be decorated, it will take 60 hours or more. If carefully maintained (including cleaning, regular sizing and inverted storage to prevent sagging), a TUTU skirt can be used continuously for decades.