Introduction to ballet TUTU storage and portability

Sat Mar 26 10:02:42 CST 2022

This article is mainly about the storage and portability of tutu. The best way to carry tutu dresses is to put them in a special bag. Otherwise, it's easy to damage a ballet tutu if you carry it casually. If it is not possible to carry the tutu flatly, you can tie the tutu with a girdle and put it into a bag with the mouth facing down, so that when you take it out, you can neatly open the ruffled hem of the tutu skirt. The skirt is easier to take out with face down. This method of carrying a tutu is only suitable for short trips, such as flying.

Note: On a daily basis at home, attach a hook to the closet or wall behind the door and hang a tutu. Ballet Tutu tutu storage needs to be kept dry and clean. When you're away and leaving a tutu in a hotel or hotel, pack some desiccant. You don't have to buy desiccant. When you buy vitamins, there are some small desiccant bags inside and you can just put them together with tutu tutu dresses, which is cheap and convenient.

Do not place anything on the tutu or fold it too tightly, as this will crush the tutu and cause distortion. The outer pocket can be used to store headgear, tights, shoes or cosmetics. The bag should have a certain resistance to pressure, to ensure that the tutu tutu skirt will not be squeezed under external pressure deformation.