Japan's Matsuyama Ballet, a dance partner, visits China for exchanges

Sat Mar 30 08:45:06 CST 2024

People's Daily Online, Beijing, March 29 (Reporters Zhang Liya and Yuan Meng) The youth delegation of Japan's Matsuyama Ballet recently visited Beijing and Shanghai and visited Beijing Dance Academy, National Ballet of China, Shanghai Dance School, Shanghai Ballet, Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe, etc. Universities and theater troupes exchange and compete with young Chinese dancers.


Matsuyama Ballet is one of Japan's famous ballet companies. In the 1950s, founders Shimizu Masao and Matsuyama Shuko put the opera "The White-Haired Girl" which was popular in China at that time on the ballet stage and performed it in China many times. This time, the youth delegation of Songshan Ballet was invited by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the China-Japan Friendship Association to visit China under the framework of the "Memorandum on Strengthening Youth Exchanges" between China and Japan.


Yang Wanming, President of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, said at the welcome dinner on the 27th that two generations of Songshan Ballet artists have not forgotten their original aspirations and adhered to the belief in friendship for more than half a century, making positive contributions to promoting Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges and people-to-people friendship. I hope that through this visit, the youth members of the delegation will be able to understand and recognize a more real and three-dimensional China while improving their professional capabilities, forge precious friendships with Chinese young people, and transfer their feelings to the Chinese people towards The friendship of the Japanese people has been conveyed to the Japanese people.


The youth delegation of Songshan Ballet arrived in Beijing on March 24 for a week-long exchange visit. According to Tetsutaro Shimizu, head of the delegation and general representative of Matsuyama Ballet, there are nearly a hundred members in the delegation, all of whom are ballet dancers or students.

During their visit to China, in addition to visiting, members of the delegation also experienced Chinese dance teaching and practiced with Chinese teachers and students. In addition, they also visited the Forbidden City and the History Exhibition Hall of the Communist Party of China to experience Chinese traditional culture and understand the achievements of China's economic and social development.


Tetsutaro Shimizu said that the younger generation is the main force in promoting the stable development of Japan-China relations. He hopes that the young people invited to visit China will understand China through the visit, feel the friendship and enthusiasm of the Chinese people, hold high the banner of Japan-China friendship, and use their own Open up a bright future for Japan-China friendly relations with both hands.