Most people misunderstand ballet

Sat Mar 26 09:48:28 CST 2022

1. ballet training children's feet will be bad, on the contrary, because ballet basic training requirements "open, stretch, straight, stand", so dance instead can be internal splay feet (commonly known as "cockfighting feet") correction. After some children learned ballet, because always remember the preparatory movement of ballet, walk can take a little bit outside 8 character, this kind of circumstance is some, but not obvious, won't affect the image of the child. The traditional idea that ballet hurts the feet is that it distorts them. But imagine that most parents do not teach their children to dance in order to be professional.

2. Ballet will keep your baby short.

How tall a child can grow depends on how soon the bones close, meaning that the longer the cartilage on each side of the joint closes into hard bone, the taller the child will grow. In ballet practice, most movements are related to stretching the child's ligaments and building the child's muscles, with extremely limited pressure on the child's bone development. In addition, generally 4 ~ 6 years old children will not arrange pointy practice, so absolutely will not make the baby grow not tall.