Pharaoh's Daughter Origins Synopsis

Thu Dec 01 17:30:35 CST 2022


Wilson, a young British aristocrat, was caught in a storm on his way to Egypt and hid in a tent at the foot of the pyramid with a group of Arab businessmen. The guardian of the pyramid asked them not to make any noise, because Aspisia, the daughter of Egypt's most powerful pharaoh rested in the tomb.

Along with the smoke of opium, Wilson entered a psychedelic dream world: the walls of the tomb disappeared, and the mummy came back to life and walked out of the sarcophagus. Aspicia put her hand on Wilson's chest, and suddenly he became an Egyptian named Doyle. Just as Doyle was overwhelmed by Aspicia's beauty, the princess turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared.

Doyle, who followed, rescued Aspicia from an attacking lion. At this time, the Pharaoh arrived, and in order to express his gratitude, he invited Doyle to the palace as a guest. Doyle took the opportunity to express his love to Aspicia, but at this time the Nubian king came to visit and proposed to Pharaoh's daughter. Pharaoh was overjoyed and immediately agreed. Doyle and Aspicia had no choice but to elope...

A fisherman took in the couple on the way to escape, and the Nubian king followed him. In order to stick to her love, Aspicia jumped into the Nile from the window... With the help of the God of the Nile, Aspicia Ya returned to the Pharaoh's palace. Just when Pharaoh ordered Doyle to be executed with a cobra, Aspicia appeared in time and told her father that it was her own wish to flee, and that it was the Nubian king who was chasing her. Pharaoh was furious and immediately announced his break with the Nubian king. Aspicia moved her father with her true feelings, and finally married Doyle.

When waking up from the dream, Wilson, who was still immersed in joy, looked around, and Aspicia's figure gradually disappeared into the twilight. After all, such a magnificent and beautiful dream cannot escape the moment of waking up...