Russian classical ballet landed at Nanning Theater

Fri Apr 26 08:49:32 CST 2024

Audiences in Nanning are no strangers to the St. Petersburg Russian Ballet Theater. As early as 2013, the theater took "Swan Lake" to the stage of the Nanning Theater, which was completely in line with the Russian performance system and equipped with a live orchestra. Many audiences still remember it. In 2014, the theater came to Nanning again, and in addition to the critically acclaimed "Swan Lake", it also brought "The Nutcracker" to the audience in Yongcheng for the first time.


It is understood that the St. Petersburg Russian Ballet Theatre was founded in 1990 by a century-old professional ballet family. The theatre has successfully performed in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. For more than 20 years, the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre has been performing in residence at the "Royal Hermitage Theatre", which is known as one of the best theaters in the world. Since 2006, the troupe has been performing in another magnificent and historic theatre in St. Petersburg, the "Royal Palace Theatre". Today's classic repertoire of the St. Petersburg Russian Ballet Theatre includes not only "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Nutcracker", but also "Don Quixote", "Pagetti", "Night of the Walpurgis" and the Ballet Star Celebration Concert.


The story of "Swan Lake" is based on folk tales, that is, the devil turns a beautiful girl into a swan, but the power of love and justice ultimately triumphs over evil. The original "Swan Lake" has two different endings: in one version, the prince is bewitched by an illusion and finally dies with Princess Odetta; in the other version, the prince wakes up in time, and finally love triumphs over evil and stages a happy ending. What kind of version will the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre bring us? It is worth looking forward to!


The Nutcracker, another ballet presented by the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre to the citizens of Nanning, is one of the best ballets in the world and one of Tchaikovsky's three representative ballets. Its script is based on the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Rat King" by the famous German writer Hoffmann. The whole play is divided into two acts, which tells the wonderful story of the girl and her Christmas gift, the Nutcracker, on Christmas Eve, depicting the unique world of children. The music of the dance is full of simple and mysterious mythology, with strong children's music characteristics. The "Waltz of Flowers", which is very familiar to the audience, is the music selected from the dance of the candy fairy and the fairies in the second act of the dance.