Several main styles of dance costume design

Sat Mar 26 09:36:24 CST 2022

The dance costume design pursues the value orientation and artistic characteristics embodied in the form and content of the dance style. Dance costumes should be combined with dance works, highlight unique creative ideas and artistic pursuits, and also reflect the distinctive characteristics of the times.
There are mainly the following styles of dance costume design:

1. Hippie style:
It is an expression of personalized dress. The details are mostly copied flowers, rough edges, jewelry accessories, etc.; the colors are mostly warm tones of red, yellow and orange, and cool tones of green and blue; the designs are mostly tight-fitting styles that show the body curve, light and easy The fabric worn.

2. National style:
The clothing is mainly made of embroidery and batik. The fabrics are generally cotton and linen, and the styles or details have ethnic characteristics. Currently popular Hanfu, cheongsam, and improved national costumes are the main styles. Of course, they also include national costumes from Nepal and India.

3. European and American style:
Advocating atmosphere, simplicity, natural, casual, light and simple fabrics, strong sense of collocation and design.

Four, hip-hop style:
Hip-hop advocates freedom, but there are still clear clothing standards, such as loose tops and pants, hats, headscarves, etc. The hip-hop style also has a sense of fashion.

5. Rural style:
The pastoral style pursues a primitive, simple and natural beauty. Pure cotton texture, small squares, uniform stripes, broken flowers, etc. are common elements in the pastoral style.

Six, punk style:
After the 1990s, the post-punk trend appeared in the fashion industry, and its main indicators were dark, tattered and metal.

Dance costumes should be designed according to the theme and music of the dance, and sketched for the thought and meaning of the dance. Dance costume design pays attention to stage effect, overall harmony, and color matching. Dance costumes are not as dazzling as possible. They must be created in combination with characters, music and themes.