Talking about the function of ballet TUTU skirt

Sat Mar 26 10:05:14 CST 2022

Ballet TUTU skirt is the most iconic dance dress in classical ballet, which was derived from the ballet skirt of Louis XIV. TUTU is made of special hard yarn and is shaped like a pancake. It is aesthetically symmetrical and symmetrical.

It is characterized by a very short skirt, no more than the length of the knee, and is stretched from the waist. It is short-shaped and has a multi-layer silk cloth. Generally, six or more layers of yarn are used, which are layered.

From the perspective of the actor, the TUTU skirt is very challenging for the actors. Because of the waist, almost three-quarters of the legs are all exposed, there is no hidden, so that the audience can appreciate the dancer's graceful leg movements and their graceful leg shape, which means that the actress is not allowed. The leg shape and movement are a bit awkward, which is the cruelty of ballet.

Children's tutu

    For actresses, it is not always possible to wear expensive TUTU skirts. During training, they will have a TUTU skirt with less yarn, and a regular exercise uniform for daily rehearsal.

    In addition, the TUTU for performances usually has a corresponding top and bottom pants directly connected. I have to swear by here that the ballerina wears a TUTU skirt during the performance. The so-called exposed pants are actually part of the dance dress.

    However, the work that made TUTU on the altar and to the top is the most familiar "Swan Lake", and even when people say ballet, they will think of the white swan of the white pure TUTU skirt and the black of the black glamorous TUTU skirt. swan.

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