Tell you the function of ballet costumes

Sat Mar 26 10:03:48 CST 2022

Whether in the practice class or on the stage, the dancers wear specially designed ballet costumes. Although some ballet costumes may change styles with fashion, for dancers, practice clothes are not just for good looks, and each of them has its practical role.


    Tights and tights are the basic exercise clothes for dancers. In the classical ballet field, girls usually wear black tights with pink tights. Some schools like to let their girls wear socks and a variety of colored tights. Ballet costumes sometimes have a short skirt made of very thin material outside the tights. Boys generally wear white short-sleeved t-shirts with black tights.

    At the beginning of the practice, "legs" can help the dancers quickly achieve the purpose of warming up. Once the muscles warm up, they should be taken off. A body that is woven with wool is often used in rehearsals for dancers to wait for playing or replacing.

professional ballet platter

    Hair style is also part of the dancer's costume. The classical ballet girls love to put their half-length hair behind their heads, so that the lines on the neck and head are very clear.

    Ballet soft shoes are shoes that are worn by girls and boys before the girls practice their toes. They are made of soft thin leather or canvas. Girls wear pink and boys wear black or white. Shoes should be tightly wrapped around the feet. Toe shoes with hard heads, they must be very fit. The ribbon should be sewn to the shoe by each dancer in his own way. After putting on the shoes, the ribbon is crossed three times around the foot, and the head of the ribbon must be neatly plugged. Many dancers also slap on the shoes so that the satin of the pointe shoes will not shine under the stage lights.

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