The 14th Ballet Creative Workshop of the Central Ballet was staged at the Tianqiao Theater in May

Tue Apr 30 08:33:50 CST 2024

New Beijing News (Reporter Liu Zhen) From May 5th to 7th, the "14th Ballet Creativity Workshop" of the Central Ballet Company will be staged at the Beijing Tianqiao Theater as scheduled. Since 2010, under the active advocacy and unremitting promotion of Feng Ying, the head of the Central Ballet Company, the "Ballet Creativity Workshop" (Workshop) has become synonymous with the troupe's project of cultivating young artistic talents in creative innovation and building public welfare brands.

The upcoming 14th "Ballet Creative Workshop" is the "Beijing Culture and Art Fund 2023 Annual Funding Project", directed by Li Yang, the director of Zhongba Youth, with the theme of "Riding the Wind". The name symbolizes 14 years of continuous accumulation and experience. Young creators are seeking continuous breakthroughs through continuous progress and continuous growth through continuous efforts.


This year's "Ballet Creativity Workshop" will create dance imagery from a contemporary perspective and a rich and delicate ballet vocabulary, creating a rich cultural and emotional field on the stage. Among the music and dance works, "Song of Destiny" composed by Zhang Qi, a young Chinese actor from China and Pakistan, is inspired by "Bran Poetry", which depicts people's longing for joy, praise for love, and enlightenment for life. Xu Yan and Wang Jiyu will work together for the third time to create Bach's "Gothenburg Variations", which will visualize music while giving dance a new imaginative space and visual image. Young director Peng Jie will bring a new work "Journey", which will show that everyone stops and goes all the way, growing up, maturing and growing old in circles; creative works, young actor Lu Chenqi's "Heart Dependence" tells the story of the dying father and his son with autism accompanying each other, conveying indescribable comfort and strength. Young actors Su Yang and Wu Siming's "Don't Forget Me" tells the story from the perspective of Alzheimer's patients that the traces of love cannot be erased and cannot be forgotten. The young actor Hu Helun created "Mechanical Heartbeat" from an avant-garde AI perspective; in the ballet work, the creative inspiration of the excellent actor Liu Xuechen's work "Ten Years of the Bright Moon" comes from the deep emotional fetters contained in Su Shi's masterpiece "Jiangchengzi Yimao's Dream on the 20th of the First Month" - the yearning for the lost lover. Li Yang, the general director of this year's "Ballet Creative Workshop", will also bring a new work "Song of the Wilderness", which tells the cultural integration in the national family, expressing people's pursuit of self-improvement and indomitable spirit, yearning for sincere love, and search for the meaning of life.


A special section will also be added to this year's "Ballet Creativity Workshop". Wu Zhenhong, the daughter of the first-generation ballet artist Wu Zujie of the Central Ballet Company and the artistic director of the Canadian GOH Ballet, will direct the Chinese premiere of "Ballade" for the new generation of actors in China and Pakistan. The work transports the audience into a world where the purest emotions and all kinds of whimsical movements resonate at the same time. With unique creativity and perspective, Zheng Yuanchang and Zhang Muzi, students of the 2021 class of Zhongba Dance School, focus on the delivery staff who stick to their posts and the cat waiting for the owner to come home, and create two very interesting small works "Day and Night Walker" and "If I Were You".


After 14 years of exploration, accumulation and precipitation, the "Ballet Creative Workshop" has conducted extensive and in-depth theme excavations and creations around the themes of "Releasing Freedom and Dreams", "Giving a Gift to the Centennial of 1911 and Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China", "Dialogue between Modern Ballet and Traditional Chinese Culture", "Reviving History and Learning New", "Open Seeking", "Youth as a Mirror", "Journey", "Takeoff", "Salute to Life (Online)," Original Heart and Innovation "," 1/12 "," Expansion and Integration "and other themes. So far, 77 original works with rich themes and diverse forms by 38 choreographers have been screened and displayed on the stage of the "workshop", witnessing all the creators on the road of combining ballet art with traditional Chinese culture and the spirit of the Chinese times, insisting on innovation, exploration and hard work.