The 3rd Ailian International Youth Ballet Competition was officially launched

Tue Apr 09 08:52:28 CST 2024

The reporter learned that the 3rd Ailian International Youth Ballet Competition has started registration. The competition is co-organized by the Central Ballet Company as the guiding unit, Beijing Tianqiao Theater and Beijing Universal Ballet Art Center. Well-known experts in the field of ballet at home and abroad are invited to form a review committee to create a fair, just and open competition environment, ensure the professionalism and authority of the competition, and create an internationally influential youth ballet event.


The Ailian International Youth Ballet Competition has been successfully held for two sessions. This year's competition is divided into two stages: the preliminary competition and the final competition. The preliminary competition is held in the Beijing sub-competition area and the Chengdu sub-competition area respectively, and the online selection is carried out at the same time. The non-professional group is open to all nationalities in the world, and the non-ballet professional students aged 4-18 are divided into ballet, modern dance and group dance. Among them, ballet and modern dance are divided into five different age groups: the early childhood group (4-6 years old), the juvenile group A (6-9 years old), the juvenile group B (9-12 years old), the juvenile group C (12-15 years old) and the youth group (15-18 years old). The group dance group is divided into youth group (4-9 years old), youth group (9-15 years old), and youth group (15-18 years old). At the same time, institutions are encouraged to register for the competition in the form of group dance.The professional group competition is open to ballet students aged 14-18 from all nationalities around the world. It is divided into professional group A (14-16 years old) and professional group B (16-18 years old).


Players who cannot participate in the offline competition can participate in the preliminary competition through online TV, and the finalists who win the preliminary competition will participate in the final held in Beijing; the finalists will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the 3rd Ailian International Youth Ballet Competition Celebration and Awards Gala held in Beijing.Non-professional categories ballet, modern dance, group dance, and professional categories will have first, second, and third prizes respectively. The organizing committee will award prizes, medals, and award certificates to the winning contestants. In addition, the organizing committee will also set up best choreography awards, excellence awards, etc. The age-appropriate contestants who perform well in this competition will have the opportunity to be selected to study at the Central Ballet Dance School; or have the opportunity to obtain an internship quota with the Central Ballet.


In order to allow the contestants to better broaden their horizons, improve their cultivation, enhance friendship, and gain more joy and growth, this year's competition will hold a series of "Ailian Ballet Day" activities after the preliminary rounds in each division, including but not limited to ballet master classes, art lectures, visits to the Central Ballet Company, etc.

Participants can view the details of the "3rd Ailian International Youth Ballet Competition Regulations" and participate through the official Mini Program of the competition and the official website of the competition.