The advantages of learning ballet

Sat Mar 26 09:54:37 CST 2022

1. Carding and flexible muscle lines and trends, shaping tall and straight posture, and improving bad posture.

Ballet exercises more pay attention to the use of the balance ability of the body, and the extension of action, if we can correctly grasp the behavioral essentials, not only good for the children's bone growth, still can make the limb ligament by stretching, slender muscles become tight, make the child form the "long arms, long legs, long necks" elegant little swan direction, conducive to correct bad posture, such as kyphosis, trials, spinal scoliosis, containing the chest in the tian belly and habitual action, build a kind of innocent and free from vulgarity tall and straight posture.

2. Improve art appreciation and artistic temperament.

In the ballet course, the teacher will arrange the children to experience the subtlety of the world's famous ballet carefully according to their age characteristics, and guide the children to experience the role emotions and artistic atmosphere. Watch the world's famous ballet dance performance, let the children experience the "idol" glory and power...And their own practice in the process of careful experience, more can develop children's elegant artistic temperament.