The first round of the national tour of the ballet "Return to Hong Lingyan" is about to start

Tue May 14 08:54:44 CST 2024

According to the introduction, "Return of Honglingyan" is another dance drama funded by the National Arts Fund by Chongqing Ballet after "In Search of Shangri-La" and "Stagnant Water". It took 4 years from brewing, incubation, creation and final presentation. The dance drama gathers first-line outstanding forces in the industry and experts in various fields: Liu Jun, national first-class director, head of Chongqing Ballet and artistic director, playwright and national first-class screenwriter Yu Rongjun, national first-class choreography design Zhang Jiwen, composer and head of the Department of Music and Drama of Shanghai Conservatory of Music An Dong, former principal of the British National Ballet School and choreographer of the Royal Academy of Music in Madrid, Spain Carlos Varcassel, etc.


The cloud-shrouded mountain city's rainy alleys, the childlike temple fair lanterns, the exciting fundraising dance, the thrilling rickshaw tracking, the passionate and majestic man... The ballet "Returning Red Lingyan" restores the period of the Anti-Japanese War. Patriotic artists with national feelings return from overseas, go to the battlefield of anti-Japanese salvation, call for national awakening and raise children in need, reflecting the artist's perseverance in art during the war years and the watchfulness of the cultural context of the Chinese nation.


"Returning to Hong Lingyan" integrates folk dance elements in ballet, historical elements in modern plays, and Chongqing elements in international performances. It is an international literary masterpiece with a distinct Chongqing identity. The classic dance sections have different styles, combining rigidity and softness, and showing the beauty of ballet in pure beauty and shock. The dance style restores the style of old Chongqing, and the scene dances such as Xiushan Flower Lantern, Mountain City Rain Lane, Cheongsam Charity Performance, and Tracker Man show a strong Bayu style.

The ballet "Return to the Red Mountains" premiered in August 2023, and was continuously performed in response to the calls of opera fans. 30 performances were completed within half a year, setting off a multi-round performance boom and receiving high praise from all walks of life.