The influence of ballet clothing on the current fashion trend

Sat Mar 26 10:05:45 CST 2022

As early as the Romantic Ballet period, ballet costumes began to lead fashion trends, such as Tarrioni's "fairy" hair and "fairy" headwear, and Parisian women rushed to imitate her style, with fashion designers introducing popular "fairy hats" based on her style.

Today, ballet costumes are designed to be a beautiful and stylish fashion show, true to the historical context. They also use advanced vision to predict fashion trends and introspect themselves to lead trends. At Mark Polo, Pierre Cardin's exaggerated shoulders, loose hemlines and ballet costumes with architectural shapes and geometric patterns have become a fashion element.

ballet costumes

Ballet costumes are not only constantly advancing with the times, but designers also get new inspiration and created many new "ballet style" costumes. In 1999, Donna Karan introduced a layered transparent chiffon bubble-shaped two-layer skirt, a spherical skirt, pleated trim, pleats and pleated draped, deconstructed ballet skirt with a torn hem. The interpretation of the ballet skirt has been in the ascendant for 10 years. . Alexander McQueen's pretty skirts and multi-layered mesh dance skirts designed by Ballet's son-in-law in the fall/winter 2008 conference are stylish and alternative. Ralph Lauren's transformation of the upper body of the skirt, Zac Posen's use of black velvet and pink silhouette skirts once again proved the charm of the ballet.

Ballet shoes have always been a source of inspiration for designers, especially in recent years, shoes inspired by ballet shoes are undoubtedly the most classic, like round-toed shoes, flat shoes, etc., elegant and comfortable to wear, can be used with any clothing. At the same time, the straps of ballet shoes are also one of the methods that designers often use. The straps of various materials on the shoes will bring different feelings and styles.

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