Those Ballet Knowledge You Don't Know

Sat Mar 26 09:31:38 CST 2022

The origin of ballet

"Ballet" is Finland and flourish in France. "Ballet" tourism is the English translation of "French" ballet, which means "jump" or "line". Ballet Ballet is a European dance performed by the masses for self-entertainment or in a square. In the course of its development, a strict standard and construction form have been formed. Its characteristic is that the ballet pointe shoes must be made into special pointy dances. As a comprehensive stage art, Lei was in the French court in the 17th century. In 1661, King Louis XIV of France ordered the world’s first dance school in Paris to explore the five basic foot positions and twelve hands of ballet. So that the ballet formed a complete movement and system. These five basic pins have been in use today.

The dress of the ballerina

They are in the practice classroom or on the stage, and the ballet dancers wear specially designed costumes. Leotards and leggings are the basic practice clothes for ballet dancers. In classical ballet dancers, girls usually wear black tights, accompanied by pink tights. Their girls wear socks and various colored tights.

Drama ballet and plot ballet

With the decline of European Constructivism, it was the seal of a significant decline in ballet art at the end of the 17th century. In the 18th century, the scene of assets that emerged in Britain became the stage. They oppose feudalism and moral values and freedom of thought. , Personality development, and gradually formed a new movement in culture and art-the Enlightenment Movement, which injected new vitality into ballet art.

The ballet opera "The Love of God of War and Eros" created by the British dance master John Weaver in 1717 completely abandoned the original ballet and song elements in the original ballet performance, and was completely composed of dance and pantomime scripts, which made the ballet a large number in the end. The fetters of language became a completely independent art form, which laid the foundation for the development of "dramatic ballet" in the future.

The dance masters of elven girls in the second half of the 18th century-Jean Giorgio Nouvel (France) and Gasbarro Angiolini (Italy) reformed ballet from theory to practice and put forward a "plot" The new concept of "dance drama" has greatly deepened the connotation of ballet art and made him fully ideological.

"The Daughter Who Can't Be Locked Up" (also known as Unhelpful Prudence) performed at the French Grand Theater in 1789 is one of his representatives. "The Daughter Who Can't Be Locked Up" is an ugly ballet, a ballet that Qian uses the lives of ordinary people as a ballet. The ballet party-style play is full of witty, humorous and vivid images. It is a repertoire of ballet repertoire in the early 200 years.

Ballet soft shoes are practice shoes for female ballet dancers. These shoes are made of soft thin leather or canvas. Girls wear pink, boys wear black or white. Shoes must be tight so that they can hold your feet. .

During the Renaissance, people under the influence of the humanistic trend began to absorb the value and role of the human body, thereby promoting the rapid development of the economy, science and culture of the society. In Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance, princes and nobles competed for art as tools and means to show off their power and expand their influence. They did not hesitate to compare and compete with each other with huge sums of money. Therefore, the culture and art of this period have won development of. Ballet is in such a historical background, on the basis of quaint folk dance, starting from a game-like dance in the Italian court, it gradually formed an art form with a certain style, dance steps and skills.

At that time, ballet was performed as a simple form of entertainment by the kings and nobles at various court celebrations and gatherings, so it was also called "Ballet at the Banquet". In 1489, the performance at the Duke of Milan’s wedding was "Dancing Ballet". At the end of the 15th century, when King Richard VIII of France led the army in Italy, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that this beautiful and luxurious "ballet in the room" appeared a new kind of dance-dance Grandmaster. , So the French "introduced" Italian artists from the ballet art poem to France. The Queen's Comedy Ballet performed on the wedding of Queen Louise in 1581 was the seventh year of such a large-scale ballet in history. Compiled by Belgioyoso, home and instructor dance teacher.

Ballet became an important part of French court life in the 17th century. Both Louis XIII and Louis XIV loved ballet and participated in performances, especially the "Sun King" Louis XIV became fascinated with the cute princess of ballet. He has played the protagonist in 26 large-scale ballets and organized performances. The masters-Lu Li, Molière and Beauchamp were responsible for the creation and performance of ballet art, and formed a new form of ballet "Intermission Ballet". In 1661, he decreed that a dance academy of Ballet Schlei- —The Royal Academy of Dance began to organize standardized research on dance training. Ballet's foot position and hand position were determined at that time. In the second half of the 17th century, the ballet century art stepped out of the court, and the stage began to become theater art. So professional ballet The actors were lucky. At that time, the heroines were all male actors, but the heroines at that time, it was not until the "Victory of Dawn" staged in Paris in 1681 that the ballerina debuted in love and played the heroine Jane. ·Fangdon played ballerinas (ballerinas) in history.