Up posture!Why do you wear a "ritual" suit to dance ballet?

Sat Mar 26 09:39:11 CST 2022

I think the girl who loves the United States should have fantasized that one day he can also pass on the white bouffant ballet skirt, white ribbon dance shoes, tied up a high bun head, look particularly noble and elegant!

Standing on the stage as if it is the spirit on the toes, keep rotating the ballet dancer jumping let me yearn for!Therefore, many girls chose to embark on the road of ballet dance!So choose a suit for their own ballet clothes, is a good helper to help their progress.

Whether it's a hobby, improving your temperament, or seeing ballet as a form of fitness, it's a minimum of respect to yourself, your teacher, and your classmates to wear appropriate uniforms to class.

Why do you wear a kung fu suit

Ballet is an art that fully shows the beauty of human body lines. Only by wearing a well-fitting onesie can the teacher see clearly whether your movements are in place and whether your muscles are used correctly.

First of all, from the point of view of safety, you should wear professional exercise clothes in ballet class, instead of wearing yoga clothes or ordinary exercise clothes.The basic requirements of ballet professional training clothes are tight, cotton, sweat absorption, training socks are also preferred to be light-colored.Why do you ask for that?From the perspective of kinematics, the strength of ballet fitness is incomparable to the general fitness exercise, open, jump, straight ballet three factors, so the practice of ballet must tighten the muscles of the whole body, so that the muscle fibers continue to elongate.

Beginner ballet, especially when learning ballet as an adult, if the exercise movements are not standard and the muscle force is not suitable, it will cause the thickening of muscle fibers rather than elongation, and more serious injuries will cause to the body.Professional ballet training clothes can let the teacher see the body lines and muscle conditions, timely guidance and correction.Too loose yoga clothes and sports clothes, will only hide their own shortcomings, the teacher can not timely find your muscle movement of the non-standard point, also can not be corrected in time, long-term non-standard practice consequences are very serious.

Here we take an example, "five" is a basic exercise in ballet, its standard movement is to turn the toes, knees to the sides of the body, the bottom of the two feet except for the inside of the arch evenly with the ground, the straight legs are independent but closely aligned together, the two legs support the upright trunk.And some beginners will have the feet turned to the side but the knees are still forward, the two legs are twisted together.If you wear loose sports clothes at this time, the teacher will not find your knee mistakes in time, in the long run, not only the leg will be deformed, thickened, but also cause injuries to feet and knees.

Speaking of which, students can see why we have been emphasizing the need to wear professional ballet training clothes!

Secondly, from the perspective of aesthetic feeling, students should also wear professional ballet training clothes to the class!Ballet costume and ballet performance belong to visual art. Ballet costume is an important part of ballet art and plays an extremely important role in ballet performance. In order to achieve unique artistic visual effect, the various poses and forms in ballet must rely on the contrast of ballet costume.

Therefore, wearing beautiful ballet training clothes can make you better into the ballet atmosphere, is conducive to cultivate their sense of discipline, improve attention, temperament and mental outlook will also improve, you will feel that they are a ballet dancer.We have told you before, don't refuse to wear tight exercise clothes because of your poor figure, because exercise clothes will make the change of our body shape brought by ballet better highlight.All in all, tight ballet dress will make every woman look confident and beautiful!

Note when choosing a ballerina outfit:

1. The front neckline should not be too wide, but the back should be open to reveal your shoulder blades.

2. It should be sleeveless, with elbow joints visible. If there are sleeves, roll them up above the elbow.

3. Add a lotus leaf skirt to lift the hem of the skirt when needed.

4. The fabric of body clothes usually has a certain elasticity, and it can be worn by children who grow a little taller.But often feel the shoulder or hip "good!", it means that the children grow fast, to change a bigger body clothes!For adults, curling means you've put on weight.

How to Wear a Ballet Dress?

1. wear good leggings first, close to the body and can be perfect to wrap the butt!

2.Then wear stockings, hands a little bit of upward pull, do not pull hard!

3.followed by the onesie, after wearing a good need to check in front of the mirror, to see if there is no wrinkle or tight marks

PS: Don't worry about wearing a jumpsuit. If you hold the neckline, pull it up. Shoulders and arms are easily squeezed too close, and there will be ugly folds on the abdomen.

How do I clean my dance clothes?

1.Use warm water below 30℃, drop appropriate amount of neutral laundry liquid, stir well and dilute

2.Turn the clothes inside and out, soak them fully, and press them!

3.Put in clean warm water below 30℃ and repeat the steps of ② to extrude the foam

4.keep the inside and outside of the state, in the shade natural air dry!