What are the benefits of children learning ballet

Sat Mar 26 09:20:21 CST 2022

Ballet is a strict art. It requires a very high rate of movement, which is also a challenge for students. Only by overcoming difficulties and working hard can students achieve the requirements of various dance moves and combinations. In the bar practice, children also learn to control a certain movement to remain static for a short time, so as to train the children's ability to concentrate and a high degree of self-control. 5 benefits of learning ballet:


1. Improve systemic coordination

Ballet's enlightenment courses are often designed to enhance their interest and are organized into the form of "small music physical training", which encourages children to play different roles according to different storylines. And ballet exercises can also arrange different imitation training, which not only makes the students feel a cheerful and lively atmosphere, but also can start from various dynamic balances to improve the coordination of the body's muscles and bones.


2. Build upright posture and improve bad posture

Ballet exercises pay more attention to the use of body balance and the stretchability of movements. If the essentials of the movements can be grasped correctly, it will not only benefit the child’s bone growth, but also stretch the limbs and ligaments, and the muscles will become slender and firm. The body shape develops in the direction of the elegant little swan with "long hands, long legs, and long neck", which is helpful to correct children's bad postures, such as hunchback, internal splayed feet, scoliosis, chest and belly and other habitual movements, creating a kind of Innocent and upright posture.

3. Cultivate artistic temperament

In the ballet class, the teacher will arrange for the children to experience the subtleties of world-famous ballets, guide the children to experience the role and artistic atmosphere, and develop the light and elegant artistic temperament of the children according to the age characteristics of the children.

4. Increase jumping power and vital capacity, strengthen physical fitness

Ballet exercises are difficult and challenging for every child, especially after jumping and rotating exercises, the amount of exercise is significantly increased, which has the effect of expanding lung capacity, improving jumping ability, and reducing the infection rate of the respiratory system. Aerobic exercises that consume a lot of energy (all jumping exercises, including small jumps, middle jumps, and big jumps, are all aerobic exercises) consume more fat and learn the courage and skills to communicate with others.

5. Cultivate children's perseverance and team spirit

Ballet practice includes not only the communication between the teacher and the pupils anytime and anywhere, but also the communication between pupils of the same age. In order to arrange new dance sketches and dance rhythms and combinations, children must cooperate closely and obey the set. So as to improve the students' spirit of unity and cooperation.