What are the four basic characteristics of ballet?

Sat Mar 26 10:01:06 CST 2022

What are the four basic characteristics of ballet?

A: Art has its own unique rules and characteristics, ballet is the same, we must first learn to appreciate the ballet art, understand the basic knowledge of ballet, in order to better learn ballet.

The beauty of ballet is mainly reflected in "open, stretch, straight and upright". For children, these are all scientific training.

1. "Open" emphasizes the symmetry of shoulder, chest, straddle, knee and ankle joints, which maximizes the stretch of human body lines and increases the performance ability of human limbs, so that children can show off and make public the noble style in the limited space of the stage.

2. "Taut" is the extension of the instep, which extends the length of the leg and gives the ankle a strong workout.Ballet is a kind of line art, only through stretching in limited space to make the end of the body a little radioactive, so that the dance more stretch.

3. "Straight" means that the whole body is upright, and the body is perpendicular to the ground, which is the basis of the technique.Only when the whole body is tightened up and fired high into the air, and the force is concentrated on the center line of the body, can the rotation start to move, otherwise all the rotation will be out of the question.

4. "Standing" is based on "straightness", and sublimation is a transition from physical beauty to dance beauty, which requires the body to be lengthwise, showing the royal and noble style of standing proudly and imposing.